National Urban Policies (NUP) have increasingly been adopted by countries in enhancing sustainable urban development and the achievement of the global agendas such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the New Urban Agenda (NUA). NUP was selected as one of the ten thematic policy units affirming the instrumental nature of the NUA in preparation of Habitat III. The NUA puts emphasis on NUP as one of the five pillars of implementation and encourages the need for capacity of the governments to develop and implement these policies. NUP have been proposed to be used as monitoring tools for the SDGs through indicator 11.a.1.

The course takes about 2 hours to complete.

The objective of this course is to understand:

  • What NUP is and its role towards sustainable urbanization
  • The NUP process and how it is conducted in practice
  • How to conduct the NUP assessment/review
  • How NUP relates to other sectors

This online course will introduce you to the first steps to develop in a participatory and inclusive manner municipal solid waste management strategies and action plans based on data. This will help your city to achieve waste related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030 and move towards a circular economy.

The course is intended for all solid waste professionals, city officials involved in municipal solid waste management, and anyone interested in guidance on how to achieve waste related SDGs.

Start: Self-paced course
Duration: 6 modules, between 1-2 hours per module
Fees: None
Certificate: Yes, after completing and passing the final test

Ce cours sera bientôt disponible.

Ce cours en ligne vous présentera les premières étapes pour développer de manière participative et inclusive des stratégies de gestion des déchets solides municipaux et des plans d'action basés sur des données. Cela aidera votre ville à atteindre les objectifs de développement durable (ODD) liés aux déchets d'ici 2030 et à évoluer vers une économie circulaire.

Le cours est destiné à tous les professionnels des déchets solides, aux responsables municipaux impliqués dans la gestion des déchets solides municipaux et à toute personne intéressée par des conseils sur la façon d'atteindre les ODD liés aux déchets.

Démarrage : Cours à votre rythme
Durée : 6 modules, entre 1 et 2 heures par module
Frais  : Aucun
Certificat : Oui, après avoir terminé et passé le test final

This course will be available soon.

This course will provide you with the necessary skills to develop housing policy for your local areas, within the overall framework of your country’s national polices and plans. This has been developed by UN-Habitat in partnership with the Eastern Regional Organisation for Planning and Human Settlements (EAROPH).

This course is primarily designed to assist leaders and officials in national, state and local governments to develop local policies that align with national objectives, and to guide implementation in a way that is appropriate for local conditions.

Start: Self-paced course
Duration: ~12 hours (2 hours per module)
Fees: None
Certificate: Yes, upon completion of all modules and passing the quizzes